I’m a competitor and Flight 2 of LD or PF and my judge is missing, help!

Don’t worry, in the vast majority of cases, your judge is still wrapping up with their first flight. If you are 75 minutes past the flight 1 start time of your debate and still don’t have a judge, then you should email the helpdesk. Any time before that is generally the system working as expected.

What should I do if a competitor / judge is missing

If it’s start time and you’re missing someone, email hdshcforensics@gmail.com and let us know.

As a judge, how long should I wait for competitors to appear

For debate events, teams need to show up within 20 minutes of the start time or it is a forfeit. For speech events, please wait 90 minutes from the designated start time.

What bids were awarded at this year’s tournament?

For Congressional debate, top 16 for the TOC
For Lincoln-Douglas debate, Finals for the TOC
For Policy debate, Quarterfinals for the TOC
For Public Forum debate, for SILVER PF Double Octafinals is a bid to the TOC, for GOLD PF Octafinals bid to the TOC
The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Invitational is a bid tournament for both the NIETOC and TOC in Speech events.

We’re on the waitlist, how do we get entered?

We’re doing our best to add new rooms to clear the waitlist for this year.

Are independent entries allowed? How do we do that?

Independent entries are allowed provided that two conditions are met: (1) There must be an adult chaperone (2) Entries must be approved by either the coach or another district official. In that case, independent entries may enter under a school name of their choosing.

Are Middle School entries allowed?

Unfortunately, they are not. Arizona rules governing high school competition expressly prohibit any local high schools from competing against students that are not in high school. As long as this rule exists, we do not want to risk sanctions on those programs. We are considering adding a Middle School only tournament on a separate weekend in the future.

Are Hybrid entries allowed?

We do not allow hybrid entries (students from different schools) in team events.

What is a “novice”?

Any student that is in their first academic calendar year of competition. So any student whose first competition takes place between August 2022 and the start of our tournament is a novice.

Where can we park?

We’re still working on this. Typically, we’ll have a space for buses to park for free. Standard vehicles will need to park in one of the visitor lots, at a rate between $10-12 a day.

How do we get on the internet?

Use the “asu guest” net work, then open a browser. At the bottom of the page is a link to sign in as a guest. This just requires an email address.

Where are IE Breaks posted?

asu.tabroom.com look under PAIRINGS then pick the event you want in the dropdown menu in the right hand column. Look for the “ADVANCING STUDENTS” link below the dropdown

Are there trophies?

There are not. We will be making donations to groups that work to expand access to forensics throughout high school and college instead of trophies. This means groups like the Women’s Debate Institute and Urban Debate Leagues.

How can we get a refund?

Refund instructions.

Can I debate maverick if my partner is sick?

Yes, but teams have to debate 4 out of 6 debates together to be eligible for elimination rounds.

How many teams break in debate?

In all debate events, all teams with 4 or more wins will clear, up to 64 teams per division. This means we will never go beyond a Triple Octafinal round.

How many competitors break in speech events?

Events over 55 entries clear to Quarterfinals (24 students), 25-54 entries clear to Semifinals (12 students), 0-24 entries clear directly to Finals (6 students).

How many competitors break in Congressional Debate?

We anticipate 3 Semifinal chambers of 18 students each, for a total of 54 breaks. Top 6 from each Semifinal chamber should break to the Final Session.