Hired Judging

We are always looking for qualified judging for all events. If your team has extra judges that you can bring to the tournament, we will hire them.


Any judge that is available for all rounds in any event: $350
Speech $20 per round
PF $30 per double flight
LD $30 per double flight
CX $30 per round
Congress $45 per session


  1. Download and fill out this W9 form and this DPSO form.
  2. You must physically sign each form, no electronic signatures. Fill out any personal information. (Note: TTN and Vendor Number are asking for your SSN.)
  3. If you want to be hired to judge CX, LD, or PF, you must enter a Judging Paradigm at Tabroom.com. (If you do not have an account at Tabroom, you need create one first)
  4. Send an email to hdshcforensics@gmail.com with the subject line: Hired Judge for HDSHC, and the following body information:
    1. Attach scans of the W9 and DPSO form
    2. Your name, your email address used for tabroom.com.
    3. Event you wish to judge AND Experience judging this event
    4. A complete accounting of your available time during the tournament (8am Friday Jan 5 to 8pm Sunday Jan 7)