On-site Registration

There are two options for On-site Registration before the tournament.

1. Online registration. IF, and only if, your school has paid in full before arriving in Tempe, you will be able to register ONLINE at asu.tabroom.com and by-pass the in-person registration. This option will appear for you on tabroom automatically if you are paid up.

2. If you intend to pay after the tournament via Purchase Order, when you are in Tempe, please email hdshcforensics@gmail.com to verify that you have no changes to your entry.

3. In person registration.  If you still need to pay any fees, you will need to appear at Registration. You will only report drops/changes at this time. This will take place Thursday 5-7pm on the ASU campus (SS 105).


Outstanding fees will be collected during registration. In the unfortunate event that a school fails to register before competition begins, we will be forced to drop their competitors from the tournament and bill the school directly.
Please bring the following to the registration table:

  • An accurate final list of your students and their competition events.
  • If you have any outstanding fees, please bring a check, cash, money order, or PO receipt for the amount you owe. (Refunds of overages will take a while to reach you.) Please make every effort to have your check made out for the correct amount.

 “No shows” during the tournament will be assessed a charge of $20.00 per entry during competition. Schools with “No show” fees will be unable to collect ballots at the end of the tournament. If judges are dropped the day of the tournament, it may be necessary to drop competitors commensurate with the drop in judging. Please notify us (hdshcforensics@gmail.com) of any changes as early as possible to prevent later complications.