1. Enter your team and competitors at Your entries will ALL start on a waitlist.
  2. The Final Entry Deadline is 8:00pm, Tuesday, January 7th, 2020.   There can be NO changes after that time as the registration website will be closed. You will not be refunded for drops or added judges after this fee deadline.
  3. To be removed from the waitlist, pay or provide us with a Purchase Order (even the PO number is fine).
  4. Payment can be made via check (Payable to “ASU Forensics”) or credit card.
  5. Follow instructions for On-Site Registration


$30 School (Degree granting institution) Fee
$60 Independent/For profit/Club Fee

The following fees will be assessed:
Varsity Policy Debate: $100.00 per team
Novice Policy Debate: $40.00 per team
Varsity LD Debate: $60.00 per debater
Novice LD Debate: $30.00 per debater
Student Congress: $30.00 per student
Individual Events: $15.00 per slot (not per student)
Varsity Public Forum Debate: $80.00 per team
Novice Public Forum: $40.00 per team
World School Debate: $70 per team

In addition to the fees listed above:
$150.00 per Uncovered Policy / Worlds debate team (No more than 6 uncovered policy teams allowed per school).
$100.00 per uncovered LD / PF team (No more than 12 uncovered LD entrants or PF teams allowed per school).
$30 per uncovered IE slot (No more than 30 uncovered slots per school).
$40 per uncovered Student Congress participant.

If you do not hire from us AND are short judges, an additional $25 per missing round is added on to the hiring fees.