(Tentative schedule, entries may warrant changes)

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All events

Thursday, January 3rd
5-7pm Registration on campus, SS 105 (Social Sciences Building)

Congress (SCOB and BDH/PEBE)

Friday, January 4
8am Opening Meeting (Schwada Building – SCOB)
9am Session I
2pm Session II

Saturday, January 5
9am Session III
2pm Session IV

Sunday, January 6
9am Semifinals
2pm Finals
6:00pm Awards (Student Pavilion Auditorium)


Pattern B Buildings: WXLR, PSF/PSH, ECG, LSA/LSE, SS, WGHL, DISC

Pattern A: Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Impromptu, Duo Interp, Programmed Oral Interp (Pattern A can only double enter with PF and LD)

Pattern B: Informative Speaking, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, Poetry Interp, Prose Interp (Pattern B can only double enter with Worlds and Policy)

Friday, January 4
8:30am Judge training
10am-11:30am Round IB
12pm Extemp Draw (LSE 104)
12:30pm-2pm Round IA
2:15-3:45pm Round IIB
4-5:30pm Round IIIB
5:45pm Extemp Draw
6:15pm-7:45pm Round IIA
7:45pm Extemp Draw
8:15-9:45pm Round IIIA

Saturday, January 5
8-10am Round IVB
10am Extemp Draw
10:30am-12pm Round IVA
12:15pm-1:45pm B Quarterfinals (55+ entries)
2pm Extemp Draw
2:30pm-4pm A Quarterfinals
4:15pm-5:45pm B Semifinals (24-54 entries)
6pm Extemp Draw
6:30pm-8pm A Semifinals

Sunday, January 6
8-9:30am Finals I (LSE 104 – Duo, Poetry – LSE 106)
9:30am-11am Finals II (LSE 104 – POI, Info – LSE 106)
11am-12:30pm Finals III (LSE 104 – Extemp, Humor – LSE 106)
2pm-3:30pm Finals IV (LSE 104 – Oratory, Prose – LSE 106)
3:30pm-5pm Finals V (LSE 104 – Impromptu, Drama – LSE 106)
6:00pm Awards (Student Pavilion Auditorium)

Policy Debate (WXLR, PSF/PSH, ECG, SS)

Friday, January 4
12-2pm Round I
6-8pm Round II
8-10pm Round III

Saturday, January 5
10am-12pm Round IV
2-4pm Round V
6-8pm Round VI

Sunday, January 6 (will accelerate whenever possible)
8am-10:30am Elim I
11:15am-1:45pm Elim II
2:15pm-4:45pm Elim III
5:15pm-7:45pm Elim IV

Public Forum (BA/BAC, ED/EDB, STAUFF, WHALL) and Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LL, SHESC, COWDN, ART, CDN/CDS, STAUFF)

Friday, January 4
8-10am Round I
10am-12pm Round II
2-4pm Round III
4-6pm Round IV

Saturday, January 5
8am-10am Round V
12-2pm Round VI
4-6pm Elim I

Sunday, January 6 (will accelerate whenever possible)
8am-10:30am Elim II
11:15am-1:15pm Elim III
2:30-3:30pm Elim IV
4-5pm Elim V
5:30-6:30pm Elim VI