What’s new this year?

  1. 3 day schedule – Friday morning through Sunday evening
  2. Double entry in Speech and LD, PF, and Policy is permitted.
  3. PF Varsity will now have judge strikes for 15% of the pool
  4. To receive judge prefs in LD and Policy, ALL judges from your school must have paradigms on tabroom.com
  5. Hired Judges must have philosophies/paradigms on tabroom or they will not be paid
  6. If you have extra LD or Policy judges that you can bring that we can hire, we’ll pay them.
  7. Missing an elim ballot you are obligated for is now a $60 fine
  8. Added Informative and removed Expository in Speech events
  9. Novice division speech events, $5.
  10. ALL Novice events limited to students in 1st calendar year of competition.
  11. No high school students can judge any event.