What’s new this year?

  1. New Speech Schedule: All prelims, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals will be finished Saturday night. Sunday will be a parade of final rounds all day.
  2. Changed Speech Event Patterns:
    Pattern A: EXT, OO, IMP, DUO, POI.    Pattern B:  INFO, DI, HI, PRO, POE
  3. New Conflict Patterns: Pattern A speech events, Policy Debate and Worlds happen simultaneously. Pattern B speech events, Public Forum, and Lincoln-Douglas are grouped together.
  4. Policy/Worlds students may only enter Pattern B speech events. PF/LD students may only enter Pattern A speech events.
  5. Missing an elim ballot you are obligated for is now a $100 fine
  6. Increased fees to hire judges. They were too low, and finding hired judging in Tempe on our weekend is tough.
  7. No novice speech events. Interest wasn’t large enough to maintain separate events, so the experiment is over.