What’s new this year?

  1. New Policy Schedule: 4 prelims Friday, 2 prelims, 2 elims Saturday, finish Sunday
  3. No Waitlist: We’re making it easier for folks to register and confirm so that they can purchase plane tickets in plenty of time to get good deals
  4. Past Champions and Alumni to judge Speech Finals: We’re contacting folks to line up our Sunday Speech Finals judging well in advance of the tournament. Our goal is have the best judge the best.
  5. Improved Memorial Union Hours: We’ll make sure the MU is open early enough and late enough to serve as a central meeting place for teams.
  6. Aggressive Paradigm Enforcement for Varsity Debate: Tabroom is set to require a paradigm for a judge to be added for you. You will not be able to enter judges for Varsity Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, or Policy without them.