Judge Info


HELP DESK: hdshcforensics@gmail.com


ALL ballots are electronic, so every judge must have a tabroom.com account. It’s pretty painless – just click sign up in the upper right, then enter your email and phone information so you can receive alerts and ballots.

After you create a tabroom account, login, look in the lower right hand column and find “Link your account to a judge.” On the next screen, you will see your name and Arizona State HDSHC Invitational. CLAIM yourself and you are all set for ballots.

For assistance creating or linking your tabroom account, see this link

SPEECH BALLOTS step by step online guide

To find your ballot, login to tabroom.com. If the ballot does not appear immediately in the middle of the screen, look for JUDGING in the right hand column and find the UPCOMING button below that. Your ballots will appear on the following screen.

Judges Lounge

Endless supply of Coffee, Snacks, and Water will be provided throughout the tournament in the Lounge. (next year we hope)

For food suggestions, see this page


For Debate, all judges are obligated one round past the elimination of their competitors in the event they are judging. This means all judges are obligated for the first elimination round.

For Speech, each school is obligated to provide judging all 3 days of the tournament.

How long do I wait for students to show up?

Showing up 20 minutes late to a debate round is a forfeit. Speech students may be double entered, so you should wait the full 90 minutes before leaving your room and marking a student as a no show.

Problems? hdshcforensics@gmail.com or virtual help desk link on tabroom